Measuring Brand Engagement


Beginning in 2010 Sea Ray invested heavily in revamping its brand identity. This comprehensive strategy included understanding customer behaviors and attitudes about the brand, developing brand and sub brand positioning and creating the brand “pillars: that support the new consumer-centric positioning. However, what was lacking from this exercise was a way to measure if our work was resonating with consumers.


To gain greater insights into the effectiveness of the brand positioning and pillars we developed a brand engagement process that measured the following:

  1. Target Segment Health: How does Sea Ray score against the competition with respect to key consumer purchase drivers
  2. Brand Associations:  How does Sea Ray compare with respect to delivering its brand promise as stated in the four supporting brand pillars
  3. Brand Funnel Performance: Which areas within the purchase funnel are we strong or lacking
  4. Monthly Metrics: what are the most important measurements and how effective is our digital/social strategy

In order to better understand the four areas for measurement we developed a brand engagement process that includes the following:

  • In – depth Analysis: Consumer brand association metric
  • Brand Association Opportunities: Specific insights into which trigger(s) will move the brand forward
  • Program Matrix: Developed a matrix that ranked the impact of the following:
  1. Customer Touchpoints
  2. Filters: Reach, cost, impact
  3. Programs/ initiatives
  • Re-Test


Because we focused on targeted consumer segments, consumer behavior and specific issues that are affecting the brand we were able to get a better understanding of how to prioritize resources that will move the brand forward.

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