Brand Advocacy Process

Building advocacy through a comprehensive and meticulous approach to brand management has been the single-minded purpose of my 20 year journey  working with some of the world’s best-loved and most respected brands. It is this philosophy that I first learned at Harley-Davidson and have successfully built upon with each brand I have been fortunate enough to be a part of during my journey managing global iconic brands.

Behind the creation of these great brands lies a systematic approach that begins with an in-depth understanding of the target audience and is driven throughout the organization ensuring brand integrity at all consumer touchpoints including; product offering, customer service and messaging. The brand model can be summarized as follows:

Having executed this approach successfully in business to consumer and business to business environments, I believe the net result is as follows:

Sea Ray Brand and Marketing Review for Sea Ray China

Portfolio Management: Better consumer insights and competitor analyses will anticipate market preferences and improve products (e.g., enhanced charters, holistic portfolio plans)
Product Execution: Products preferred by consumers allow for higher pricing, better margins and lower discounts
Accelerated Product Development: Results in ‘fresher’ products in the market that drive consumer interest and generally diminish the need for associated discounts
Reduced Product Costs: Create opportunity to increase margins and offer lower retail pricing (more competitive pricing requires less discounts), need to consider design and operations
Brand Management: Increased brand equity and improved consumer metrics allows for higher pricing and lower discounts
Improved Communications: Messaging will be driven throughout the organization and rigorously applied to all communication channels, marketing campaigns and media outlets
Channel Management: Align with dealers properly representing the brand and our products, monitor and manage metrics

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