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The World’s Largest In-Water Event! Sea Ray launched in 2006, this event grew from a handful of dealers to over 100 locations around the globe and the signature event in 2010 boasted an attendance of 60,000 – the raft up stretched ½ mile from the stage to the last row!


Artists Included:

Taylor Swift

Alan Jackson

Brad Paisley

and others


The strategy behind this concept was to take an activity that already existed and brand it as our own. For decades boaters have gathered together in “raft-ups” or informal gatherings when they are out on the water. Sea Ray dealers were great at organizing local events for their customers, there were drawbacks: 1. the local approach lacked an outreach component, because the events were closed to just a few of the current owners there was no mechanism for enticing brand switchers nor an ability to find new entrants to boating. 2. No method to drive consumers to the dealership; dealers and their customers would meet at a rendezvous point usually at a marina or on the water. 3. Dealers would frequently change the dates of the events or announce the dates very late in the year, both issues would not allow consumers to plan their vacations around an event.

The AquaPalooza strategy addressed these drawbacks by providing the following:

  • Branded Marketing Support
  • Promoted early for planning
  • Sponsorship support of other brands such as: SONY, GMC, etc..
  • Consumers encourage to visit dealership prior to event


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