Engage the Consumer and the Distribution Channel for Optimal Results

Opportunity: Polaris personal watercraft (PWC)  historically placed last in market share. The challenge was to increase sales and market share without eroding either Polaris’ or the retail channels’ already low margin. Actions After conducting a thorough SWOT analysis it became clear that a series of tactics that worked in unison in order to fully engageContinue reading “Engage the Consumer and the Distribution Channel for Optimal Results”

Sea Ray and Social Media: Life at the Water’s Edge

  Companies are eager to keep a current, fresh public image.  Today, Social Media is a must to achieve that goal.  But before joining the social media movement, there are a number of questions to consider.  The following represent a few that I am addressing at Sea Ray. 1.  What was the opportunity that presentedContinue reading “Sea Ray and Social Media: Life at the Water’s Edge”

Brand Advocacy Process

Building advocacy through a comprehensive and meticulous approach to brand management has been the single-minded purpose of my 20 year journey  working with some of the world’s best-loved and most respected brands. It is this philosophy that I first learned at Harley-Davidson and have successfully built upon with each brand I have been fortunate enoughContinue reading “Brand Advocacy Process”

How to leverage your brand advocates to grow your customer base

The goal of achieving customer satisfaction is not enough in a highly competitive market. After all, what is a satisfied customer? Generally, these are customers who have done little more than given themselves permission to switch brands. This begs the question “Why do they switch brands?” Imagine this scenario:  a new customer buys and enjoysContinue reading “How to leverage your brand advocates to grow your customer base”

Measuring Brand Engagement

Opportunity Beginning in 2010 Sea Ray invested heavily in revamping its brand identity. This comprehensive strategy included understanding customer behaviors and attitudes about the brand, developing brand and sub brand positioning and creating the brand “pillars: that support the new consumer-centric positioning. However, what was lacking from this exercise was a way to measure ifContinue reading “Measuring Brand Engagement”